Tianjin Jingwei Zhengneng Electrical Equipment Co., LTD

Tianjin Jingwei Zhengneng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd

Tianjin Jingwei Zhengneng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established2014318It is a Sino-foreign joint venture (Hong Kong) enterprise。The company is located in Xiaozhan Industrial Park, Jinnan District, Tianjin, is the world's leading technology manufacturer of UHV large reactors。The dry hollow reactor and iron core reactor independently developed by us are applied to those currently built in China (about to be put into operation)25A national key UHV transmission project, and Brazil Sivania power station project。The product has stable performance and good operation, which plays an important role in the localization of China's key power equipment and the balance of regional energy and power load for the country。

The company adopts the most advanced total quality management systemISO9001质量、ISO14001环境、ISO45001Occupational health and safety,ISO500001Energy, andGB/T23001Two integration and other five system certification。The company's products belong to the high-tech field supported by the State, and has been identified as the national high-tech enterprise, the national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise, Tianjin specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises, Tianjin Green Factory, the enterprise research and development institution has been identified as the "Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center".。

The company attaches great importance to innovation and development, adheres to the road of open innovation, and has established technology centers and research centers in Tianjin, Beijing and Hunan respectively。Tianjin enterprise Technology Center2014The center has a highly educated, high-quality, innovative, young R & D team. The technical leader of this team is an expert who enjoys the special allowance of The State Council. The professional disciplines include UHV power, chemical, insulation, machinery, etc., and the discipline configuration is reasonable。2019The company relies on the research and development strength of the College of Electrical and Information Engineering of Hunan University in the field of electric power,Vision of high-end technology and broad market for power equipment manufacturing,Technology research has been carried out on key equipment for high voltage and UHV projects, smart city and smart grid related products, ubiquitous power Internet of Things equipment, new energy grid-connected access equipment, AC and DC distribution network products, and new materials for power equipment。2020The company founded "Beijing Jingwei Zhengneng Research Institute",In recent years, the Institute has made continuous efforts in the basic research and applied research of UHV power,Commissioned by the State Grid, the Institute of Electric Science and Technology and many other units to complete the "key technology research of new electrical materials for UHV equipment", "high reliability dry shunt reactor prototype development and on-line assessment technology research", "High voltage dry hollow reactor state accurate sensing technology and application research" and other basic theoretical research。

After years of accumulation, the company has authorized national patents65Pieces, independently developed"1100kVDry hollow flat wave reactor "etc8The achievements were authenticated by academician experts of the power industry organized by China Machinery Federation, and the technical level reached the international leading level。Self-developed "super/Key Technology and Application of UHV flexible DC bridge arm reactor "and other products won the" Mechanical Industry Science and Technology Special Award "and other honors。

At present, the company has the world's first highest voltage level1100kVThe "Changji-古泉±1100kVUhvdc transmission Project "provides self-developed ±1100kVDry hollow flat wave reactor;Provided independent research and development ± for "Wudongde power supply to Guangdong and Guangxi UHVDC transmission project"800kVDc flat wave reactor;For "White Crane Beach-江苏±800kVThe UHVDC transmission Project provides self-developed filter bank reactors and bridge arm reactors;For the national key project "±500kVZhangbei flexible DC power grid Test Demonstration project "provided independent research and development500kVDry hollow reactor。Longitude and latitude positive energy reactors have covered the whole country80%Key transmission projects provide high quality products and reliable technical support for major power projects in China。

Tianjin Jingwei Zhengneng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. will accelerate the pace of globalization in the tide of global energy reform and power Internet construction, and will successively obtain the supplier qualification recognition of customers such as the European power system, the National Grid of Brazil, and the National Grid of India。

  In September 2023, Tianjin Jingwei Zhengneng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Yubo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. carried out equity restructuring。After the reorganization, Tianjin Yubo Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Jingwei Zhengneng Electrical Equipment Co., LTD。This transaction makes up for the company's gaps in the field of rail transit locomotive and vehicle traction system, in-car and ground station electrical control products and iron core reactors, greatly enriching the company's product categories。

In the future development, the company will implement the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing from beginning to end,Explore the frontier of electric power technology together with power industry enterprises,We will promote innovation and upgrading of electric power equipment,Continuously create value for the whole industry and the whole society,Continue to transcend the past, beyond the self,Unremittingly to higher quality development, to a higher goal,Excellence, perfection。